An Office Culture to Retain Top Talent

Any business that wants to retain top talent has to develop a culture employees desire. There’s a lot of talk in HR departments around employee engagement initiatives and office culture. If your office lacks comfort, communication, creativity, and organization—It’s time for a redesign! The office furniture and how it is placed in an office space is a major factor in the culture of an office.

When the right office furniture is in place, employees will work more efficiently and the office culture will improve naturally.

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Ergonomic Office Furniture for Health & Comfort

Arguably, ergonomics is one of the most important features of office furniture. For offices where the majority of workers are at computers during their workday, comfortable office furniture vastly improves the culture. When people don’t feel good (e.g. backaches or strain from being in one position too long) they can get grouchy and that negativity can spread quickly. A comfortable work space helps employees stay focused which creates a positive office culture.

Top Picks for Ergonomic Office Furniture

  1. Sora Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Task Chair
    Sora features a modern, elasticized mesh that conforms to the person’s shape like a favorite pair of jeans. Its upper backrest shape encourages him/her to move freely in whichever way preferred. Airy mesh backing provides the user with breathability to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Sora’s fully adjustable ergonomic task chair responds to your movements while working. 
  2. Luray Ergonomic Conference Chair
    When meetings and conferences last forever, the Luray chair with full back support and upholstered seating keep participants at their best. The polished aluminum arms add a contemporary touch while its tilting, adjustable design offers customizable comfort.
  3. ESI S2S Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desktop Workstation
    Easily convert an existing work surface into a standing desk and enjoy the ergonomic and physical benefits. the S2S is equipped with an advanced weight adjustable pneumatic mechanism that allows the user to tailor the weight tension setting to accommodate the combined weight of their work surface and various work tools. This allows the user to easily lift up to 35 lbs. up or down without physical exertion or electric power.

Collaborative Office Furniture for Creativity

Teams have to collaborate to accomplish great things. That means employees need a collaborative space to meet, brainstorm and come up with creative solutions. Office furniture that encourages collaboration also nurtures a healthy office culture.

Top Picks for Collaborative Office Furniture

  1. River Collaborative Seating
    River brings flexibility to an open space where huddles to inspire creativity. River collaborative seating will bring people together in a place where ideas, insight, and inspiration can be shared. A modern design for today’s collaborative, open plan, or any other commercial, education, government, healthcare or hospitality environment.
  2. Apollo Collaborative Conference Tables
    Available in a broad range of dimensions and forms, Apollo conference tables offer a stylish collection fit for a variety of office environments. Its corporate profile includes the option for discreet and integrated table-top power and data connection points, with cable management as standard. The Apollo is available in a high table that is ideally suited to modern working environments.
  3. ATOM Breakout Collaboration Furniture Collection
    ATOM is a single unifying family of products comprised of seating, tables, and desks. Unique in its adaptability, ATOM breakout collaboration furniture has been designed to respond to the way people interact with their working environments. Extensive, adaptable and elegant. The ATOM breakout collection is organic, sculptural and intuitive, creating collaborative space for interaction and bringing harmony to the workspace.


Top Picks for Modern Office Furniture

  1. Bridges II Benching Modern Office Furniture
    At its core, Bridges focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and its expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions. Bridges II benching is an environment created for collaborative teamwork that facilitates the connection of people and ideas. Partitions between workstations allow for more independent work when required. Bridges II’s modular design allows you to easily expand your workspace. Bridges II is a platform that serves as a catalyst for inviting people to engage and co-create.
  2. Cega Modern Acoustic Seating
    Cega is the ideal product for the modern working environment where personal touchdown spaces and informal meeting areas are the norms. Cega acoustic seating is purposed for today’s modern office space. Its contour design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise, whilst the open top structure allows for the correct level of ambient light to pass through the system.
  3. Zetti Modern Executive Tables
    Gorgeous legs meet luxurious tabletop finishes. It makes for a dramatic and harmonious merger. Zetti Modern executive tables offer smooth blade legs, or striking paperclip legs, merge with top-quality, beautiful acrylic, laminate or glass tabletop finishes in fantastic colors. The Zetti table is right at home in the modern office furniture.

Office Furniture Molds Office Culture

If your office is looking dated and bland, update your office environment. For an existing office, take a look at what is not working and start expanding the vision of what’s wanted. Whether it’s an office move, expansion or makeover, we have services available to provide accessibility and problem-solving for space design and office furniture design. Professional furniture consultants have the knowledge and the tools to create solutions that will generate the office culture that helps businesses thrive.


Written by:

John Ofield

President/CEO at Collaborative Office Interiors

Collaborative Office Interiors is a complete office furniture and systems provider in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio area. COI specializes in providing high quality/low-cost solutions to companies that are moving, upgrading or expanding.

John opened ROSI Office Systems in 1993 and the company today is on Inc. Magazines’ Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018. John specializes in new office furniture, space planning, new workstations, Work Fit products, remanufactured Haworth cubicles, asset management, furniture liquidation, and office furniture rentals. 

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