Modern Office Cubicles in Houston

Modern Office Cubicles

Up until a few years ago, the open workspace trend was taking over offices around the globe. And although open-concept offices were initially intended to spur collaboration, the lack of privacy can negatively affect productivity, employee satisfaction, and other factors. Here at collaborative office interiors, we want your office furniture to be elevated.

So now, modern office cubicles  are making a comeback – but today’s designs are far from the outdated, often-tacky cubicles most people imagine. Sleek, stylish, and impressively modern, the contemporary cubicle has become an excellent way to create a workspace that achieves the best of both form and function.

As your experts in workplace design, the team at Collaborative Office Interiors has developed a handy guide for using cubicles to create a new, streamlined space that serves the needs of your employees and your organization. 

What are the Benefits of Modern Office Cubicles?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reshaped our expectations for shared workspaces, it is just one of many reasons that more organizations are returning to a cubicle-centered design. 

When you find the right office cubicle workstation solution for your space, you can look forward to reaping the benefits of modern cubicle design:

Upgraded modern cubicles

Rather than being limited to a single standard material or color, today’s cubicle solutions are available in various options. Familiar materials, such as laminate, are being used in new and innovative ways, and you’ll also notice the addition of higher-end materials, such as acrylic. Fabric and paint colors are virtually unlimited, allowing you to create an office space representative of your brand.

Aside from the visual perks of using these materials, there are also practical benefits. For example, the mineral fiber insulation used in our cubicles is water-repellant and fire-resistant and helps prevent mold and mildew. 

Offices with cubicles can now look and function better than ever before, thanks to these high-quality materials.

Features suited to a modern-day office furniture

Gone are the days when cubicles were solely an empty “box” – many of our newest solutions are equipped with unexpected features to boost convenience and productivity. 

For example, our Evolve series of modern cubicles offer plug-and-play connectivity and smart wire management, which makes a world of difference in our tech-drive spaces today. Creative additions like a mobile pedestal (to ensure plenty of foot room) and sensible storage prioritize employee comfort. We’ve also designed them to be ergonomically friendly so that the components flawlessly fit into an office focused on employee well-being. 

Ideas for Modern Cubicles & Workstations

Are you searching for modern cubicle ideas to inspire your redesigned office? We’ve put together a list of some of our top-rated solutions to show you just how many ways you can use cubicles in your workplace.


Hybrid Post & Beam Panel Workstations

Based on a unique post and beam system, these hybrid workstations can take on a multitude of forms. From a network of compact, single cubicles to workstation clusters, the system can be used to build solutions that serve the needs of every workspace zone. 

By taking a “building block” approach to office cubicle design, this hybrid solution offers ultimate flexibility. Some ideas for using the post and beam panel workstations include:

  • High or low workstation clusters
  • Private offices
  • Reception areas
  • Full-height walls
  • Call centers

Because work surfaces and storage components are directly attached to the continuous vertical channel of the system’s columns, there are no limitations on height adjustment. Additionally, you can opt to use post heights that are suited to your vision. For example, low posts can create a sense of organization while maintaining a generally open set-up, while floor-to-ceiling posts can maximize privacy.

Compile Single Modern Cubicle

Think of this single modern cubicle as a blank canvas for your office design ideas: there are so many different ways to implement this cubicle solution according to your purposes. 

The combination of glass panels and solid walls provides an ideal balance of privacy and openness so that employees can retreat into their personal “productivity zones” while still remaining available for collaboration if needed. The cubicle can be used as a workspace for a single employee or as a shared space for on-demand brainstorming sessions. 

Compile Large Cubicle with Sliding Door

What if you could create a private office space without making any structural changes to your office? With the Compile 9×9 cubicle, you can. This creatively-designed modern cubicle is a big step up from older cubicles with its expanded footprint and features.

Pairing the high-walled design with a sliding door, this is an ideal cubicle design for office spaces where flexibility is a must. It can be used as a personal office, a group workspace, or even an area for socialization – it’s up to you. The standard solution package includes two cafe tables, which are wonderfully complemented with an optional bench and cushioned seating.

Evolve Semi-Private Workstations

The Evolve workstation system utilizes 48-inch panel heights to offer a moderate amount of privacy that can be an ideal midpoint for workspaces where closed cubicles are not the right fit. Depending on your desired privacy level and aesthetic, you can also swap out laminate and glass finish panel options or even stack panels in areas where maximum privacy is necessary. 

One idea for using this upgraded cubicle style is to set up “pods,” in which teams or departments can be situated for convenient collaboration. 

Evolve 4-Person Private Workspace

If your office is one in which storage space is in high demand, you can use the private workspace solutions from Evolve to develop cubicles with ample shelving and drawer space. 

Set up double-facing rows with a credenza and drawers in each individual workstation. Each employee’s cubicle space will have private storage for personal use, as well as outward-facing shelving to allow for easy access to shared materials. With the mix of available freestanding and panel-mounted elements, you can then customize the workstations accordingly.


Enhance the Workplace with Collaborative Office Interiors

Explore a wide range of modern cubicle workstations and other office furniture options from Collaborative Office Interiors to find the functional solutions you need to upgrade your workspace. 

Browse our full selection of workstation designs, office partitions, and more to get started on your office redesign now. We can also help you plan an efficient workplace layout that makes innovative use of space, furniture, and other elements, providing customized design plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.

For more information about how to use cubicles in a thoughtfully modern way, contact Collaborative Office Interiors now!


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