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Houston Office Furniture Renting or Leasing

Houston Office Furniture Renting or Leasing

Houston Office Furniture Renting or Leasing

Houston Office Furniture Renting or Leasing

Opting to lease office furniture rather than purchasing it outright can be a wise financial decision, particularly if you desire greater flexibility. By leasing office furniture, you can free up capital or credit lines that can be utilized elsewhere in your business.

Our leasing options offer a variety of flexible terms, ranging from short-term rentals to long-term leases, and everything in between. Additionally, if your office furniture needs shift over time, you have the ability to modify your lease agreement accordingly, adding or reducing furniture as necessary.

Ideal Rental or Lease Candidates Include:

  • New Business Start-ups

  • Sudden Office Expansion

  • Office Relocation

  • Construction Trailers

  • Corporate Events And Meetings

  • New Branches or Divisions

  • Disaster Recovery

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Experience High-End, Top-Quality Furniture Brands through Our Rental Services

We understand the significance of creating a positive impression, which is why we have carefully curated our rental office furniture offerings from the same leading manufacturers as those we sell.

Our flexibility even extends to all types of office furniture to suit your needs including:

  • Conference Room
  • Cafe’ and Collaborative
  • Huddle Room

Office Furniture
Leasing And Rental

What is the Difference Between Renting and Leasing Office Furniture?2021-02-10T22:50:06-05:00
  • Rentals typically include a return date which means the renter agrees to a set term and when that date approaches, we arrange to pick up the furniture from the renter.
  • A lease includes an option to buy the furniture after the lease period has ended.

*We recommend you consult your accountant before selecting as it may impact your financials.

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Should I Rent, Lease, Or Buy?2021-02-10T22:50:06-05:00

There is a simple rule to follow:

Rent Or Lease If:

  • You need office furniture short-term, buying is never recommended.
  • You expect your rate of employee attrition to fluctuate and your furniture needs to change.
  • You’re business is expanding quickly and you’re unsure of your future space plans.
  • Your financial plans require limited capital outlay.

Purchase if:

  • It makes smart financial sense.
  • Deductible expense – Section 179 in the current (2018) tax code, allows for deductions on equipment up to $500,000 the first year.

  • Depreciation – Your furniture may be depreciated over time.
  • Costs less than renting or leasing.

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What If My Needs Change?2021-02-10T22:50:06-05:00

That’s why renting or leasing is so great. If your needs do change and  you want more or less furniture, a workspace consultant will create an addendum to your rental or lease agreement and the furniture will be removed or added quickly.

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We Make Budgeting Easy

We respect our clients’ time – that means we won’t beat around the bush just to provide basic pricing information. We have created a simple yet powerful office furniture budgeting calculator
that not only provides you what you need to talk to your team about potential expenses for an office renovation or a move in.

Find out what office furniture fits your needs with our budget calculator tool:

  • Gives you an easy ballpark number that can kickstart a conversation
  • Requires absolutely NO commitment
  • Only takes seconds but can save you tons of time
Ready to try Our Budget Calculator?

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What Else Does Your Project Need?

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