What is Coworking Space Furniture?

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To start with Coworking Space Furniture…

If you enjoy style and design, purchasing office items and coworking space furniture might be one of the more enjoyable aspects of launching an office. This is your chance to let your brand and vision come to life through the furniture and accessories that make up your space.

Conversely, if you are style-challenged, you might find yourself struggling to choose the right pieces for your space or paralyzed by the sheer quantity of options you can find out there.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you happen to find yourself, coworking space furniture can be just about any assortment of furniture imaginable depending on your brand and your target market. With that said, here are some essential things to keep top of mind when shopping for office items and coworking space furniture.

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First and foremost, remember that furniture should not only reflect your brand but also serve one or more purposes. In short, it’s functional.

Finding that balance between great design and functionality will guarantee the furniture in which you choose to invest will be not only appealing but also practical, useful for your members, and durable over time. ‌

A Checklist for Modern Offices and Coworking Space Furniture

To start, let’s consider some of the fundamental pieces of office furniture and accessories that are vital for any coworking space.




  • Desk lamps
  • Standing Lamps
  • Overhead lighting
  • Natural lighting


  • Communal sofas
  • Sofas and armchairs


  • Plants
  • Posters
  • Wall art & accessories


  • Lockers, cubbies, & cabinets
  • Shelves, hooks, & racks

After reading that list, I know exactly what you’re thinking; it’s going to eat up a large portion of your budget.

You’re right; furniture will take up a large piece of your startup costs. But, the good part is that if you make good decisions the first time around, the office furniture in which you invest will last for many years to come.


Creating a Comfortable Space 

Making members comfortable goes far beyond just having the right kind of furniture; it’s also picking the proper lighting and colors. All white offices, as an example, often provide a calming sense of minimalism and are simple to implement. However, the lack of texture and color can be draining on the senses. It’s always about finding the proper balance.

Promoting Privacy & Security in a Coworking Space 

Open-concept offices have their benefits, but imagine for a moment, an office that was one massive open space? It could be frustrating for many members that need a private space to finish deep-focused work, or for those who need to discuss private information over the phone. Maybe some wish to have a coffee break in a more casual setting to unwind for a moment.

That’s why modern coworking space furniture consists of a mix of options. Spaces conducive to individual work, others to collaborative work, and still others for socializing.

To give an example, in a lounge area, you can find sofas that allow for several people to sit and talk. You’ll also see casual work areas designed for spontaneous private meetings between two to five people.

Another typical example is phone booths within the coworking space, where one can find absolute privacy.

Security can also be a key concern in a coworking environment. With outside people coming and going, sometimes often, your members would possibly feel safer having the option to lock and store valuable items in secured areas.

Coworking Space Furniture and Decorating on a Budget

Considering all the costs involved with launching your space could have you feel some pangs of anxiety. Don’t worry! There are many clever and creative ways you can accessorize to create a comfortable and optimized workspace, even on a budget.

This excellent article by Inc. provides crafty insights on the topic of “Designing a Cool Office on the Cheap.”

Pick Textured, Colorful, & Quirky Accents

If your budget is a tight one, it’s very possible you may have to purchase basic and functional furniture. Your coworking space may end up looking dull and lacking any character. But, you can easily resolve this using the right accessories and accents. Moreover, they can in fact be quite affordable.  

Here’s an example. You can obtain unique vintage pieces at local flea markets or online second-hand stores. These unique accents and accessories will add an individual touch to office furniture and give it personality.


Consider Some Greenery

Living plants will bring life and color to any space instantly and can be extremely affordable. ‌The plant trend seems to be growing stronger than ever, in both personal and commercial spaces.

However, be aware. You can, without realizing it right away, go overboard. You must keep in mind that plants are living things, and will add additional responsibility. Many plants will require frequent watering and maintenance.

If the added responsibility is a concern, avoid “high maintenance” plants or having too many plants that you won’t be able to care for regularly. There are few things worse than walking into a home or office with a bunch of sad-looking fly-ridden wilted yellow plants.

Considering adding plant life to your space? This helpful article by Small Business Trends explains which plants do best in indoor office spaces.

Forgo the Cheesy Corporate Posters

Although inspirational imagery is often appreciated in the coworking space, it’s best to steer clear of those cheesy corporate posters with cringe-worthy catchphrases.

Alternatively, you can find inexpensive prints on Etsy and other similar websites then have them laminated or framed locally. Finding unique prints to hang on your walls is an economical yet original way to add considerable personality and elegance to your coworking space.

Written by:

John Ofield

President/CEO at Collaborative Office Interiors

Collaborative Office Interiors is a complete office furniture and systems provider in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio area. COI specializes in providing high quality/low-cost solutions to companies that are moving, upgrading or expanding.

John opened ROSI Office Systems in 1993 and the company today is on Inc. Magazines’ Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018. John specializes in new office furniture, space planning, new workstations, Work Fit products, remanufactured Haworth cubicles, asset management, furniture liquidation, and office furniture rentals.

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