Furniture-Maker Spotlight: Indiana Furniture – Made In The USA

This year marks 114 years of operation for Indiana Furniture, so it’s only fitting that we celebrate by spotlighting their brand. A company must be doing something right if they’ve been doing it for over a century! It’s this history of quality and excellence that we look for in our furniture makers. We’re picky on behalf of our customers because we are committed to finding the right office furniture that checks all their boxes.

indiana furniture made in the usaIndiana Furniture began as a desk manufacturer in 1905.  Over a century later, it continues to support its local economy by creating award-winning office furniture in Jasper, Indiana. That’s right – all of their furniture is made in the USA. We spent some time with Tammy Wessel, Director of Sales Support and Regional Sales, to learn more about the company.  Tammy began her career with Indiana Furniture in 2001 in customer service and has held a variety of roles during her tenure.  Tammy was kind enough to answer a few questions so we could get to know Indiana Furniture, and Tammy better.

What is Indiana Furniture’s “why”?

We constantly seek to provide solutions, delivered with authentic care and with a commitment to doing what is right while treating people fairly so that our partners will want to do business with us again and again.  We remain committed to world-class service while offering a diverse set of products and allowing flexibility in our processes. We also work hard to be the best place to work in our communities.

What is your personal “why”?

I am simply highly motivated to serve others and will do everything possible to find a good and fair solution.  I am proud to represent a company so committed to positive company culture and operational and relationship excellence.

How long has Indiana Furniture been manufacturing furniture?

Since 1905.  A company cannot survive or continue to thrive as we have without adjusting and reinventing.  We have been doing it for over a century and continue to do so every day.

How has your company evolved over those years?

We have had to adjust to the market but have been able to keep customers for many years.  The evolution has been very diverse, from before we made desks to wood desks to now expanding our core competency with additions of products that round out our offering in growth categories such as laminate and seating.  We must constantly be looking for the next need, but do it with a conservative approach to protect the organization and its stakeholders.

What makes your company rise above the competition and set you apart?

We do the basics better than anyone, our customer service and reliability are second to none.

What is the one thing you wish all potential customers/clients knew about your company?

We strive to ensure that everyone we deal with will be happy we were the choice they made to entrust their people and project.  There will be no regrets.  We do what we say we will, stand behind our product, admit to our mistakes and take care of problems. 

What can you share about your future plans?

We plan to continue to improve and grow our diverse product offering and serve our customers with the same fervor we currently do.  We have exciting solutions planned for this year and beyond! We will, of course, maintain the authentic caring attitude we have for the people with whom we work and the quality work we do.

You can see why Indiana Furniture continues to be a popular choice with customers. Our consultants love creating workspaces using products from Indiana Furniture. They know the quality and style will add up to a beautiful office and satisfied customer.  Plus, it supports hardworking Americans by purchasing furniture made in the USA.  If you’re ready for a new office space, contact us and we’ll show you the latest conference, height-adjustable executive and reception area office furniture. If you can’t wait, take a look at our gallery below.

Furniture-maker Bio:  Tammy Wessel is Director of Sales Support and Regional Sales at Indiana Furniture.  Tammy began her career with Indiana Furniture in 2001 in customer service and has held a variety of roles during her tenure. 

A graduate of the “Mapping and Improving Your Customers’ Journey” academy hosted by The Tempkin Group, a worldwide leader in Customer Experience, Tammy is a strong advocate for improving the customer experience at every level.  She has been a guest presenter on the topic at Chattahoochee Technical College for professional development of staff from all Georgia campuses.  Tammy spearheaded the launch of an employee recognition program at Indiana Furniture and is passionate about relationship building, employee engagement and leading others to their best selves!  



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