Why You Need Commercial Office Furniture For Your Business

When considering office furniture needs, it might be tempting to choose residential home furniture. But this would be a mistake! There are many reasons to choose commercial office furniture which is specifically tailored to the needs of the office. This type of furniture provides important features that residential furniture does not. Plus, with the introduction of “resimercial” furniture, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Manufacturers of commercial furniture have completely revolutionized the look and feel – this is not your 1980’s office furniture!

Commercial Office Furniture Is More Durable

Commercial office furniture is built with durability in mind. Unlike at home, people at work often use the furniture all day long. In some cases, like hospital settings, it requires 24/7 use. Commercial fabrics and upholstery foams withstand more frequent sittings. The construction of commercially rated furniture includes more robust materials, like hardwood or metal frames. In addition, some manufacturers offer “heavy duty” product lines tested to even higher standards. Commercial furniture stands up to heavier use and lasts longer, meaning more time between replacements. Investing in well-made furniture suited to your work environment pays off in the long run.

Cleaning Made Easy

Commercial office furniture is easier to clean than most residential furniture. More people gather in an office space than at home, which naturally creates more traffic. Plus, employees tend to eat and drink at their desks, so furniture gets dirtier. Fabrics and finishes on commercial office furniture are specifically designed to hold up to more frequent cleanings, even with harsh disinfectants. Daily cleaning of furniture is especially important now, during Covid-19, when the health of your employees has never been more important. A clean office environment also gives a good first impression to your customers and clients when they visit.

Comfort Is King

Because of the all-day use, commercial furniture is built with ergonomics in mind. As a result, it accommodates a variety of different people (and thus, body types). Ergonomic chairs allow the user to adjust the seat depth and height, headrests, and armrests in order to find that perfect fit. To encourage movement throughout the day, sit-to-stand desks operate seamlessly for quick transitions. Furniture that fits the body just right helps keep workers comfortable—and therefore increases focus, attention, and productivity.

Resimercial Design Blends Style And Function

If you’re worried that furniture designed for the office is less attractive or modern, we have good news for you. New office furniture design blends modern, residential style with commercially rated construction to create “resimercial” furniture. Your office style is a reflection of your brand and company culture, and now it’s easier than ever to find commercial furniture to meet your needs.

At Collaborative, we offer full-service office design services to help you create a functional and beautiful office space. Utilizing commercial furniture doesn’t have to be boring! Let us help you find the furniture you need to keep your staff healthy, happy, and productive. Contact us today to schedule a consultation

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