What are Demountable Walls?

Demountable walls are a flexible architectural product that allows you to separate areas of your workspace without the mess or commitment of building traditional walls. They are held in place by floor and ceiling tracks and can be added, removed, and adjusted easily. Unlike cubical dividers, movable walls reach the ceiling height like traditional walls. Demountable walls are often used in open-plan offices to create separate spaces for private meetings and focused work.


Types of Demountable Walls

There are two main types of movable walls. They have different benefits and drawbacks, but either can be a great way to divide up your office space.


Unitized Wall Systems

Unitized systems are pre-fab movable walls that require minimal assembly once they arrive at your office. They are easy to install, remove, or adjust. However, you are limited to the manufacturer’s styles and configurations.


Modular Systems

These movable walls require some assembly, but they are more flexible based on your preferences. You can customize their size and shape to make them fit your needs exactly. You can also opt to add features like lighting or whiteboards to make these demountable wall systems even more functional.


Benefits of Demountable Walls

Upgraded Privacy

Open layout offices are growing in popularity, but these spaces can be noisy, and they do not offer the privacy you need for activities like client meetings. If your work requires deep focus from your employees, quieter workplaces can be essential. Demountable partitions can create separate offices or meeting rooms without the expense and inconvenience of building permanent walls.


Provide Additional Flexibility

As your company grows, so will the need for its office space. Movable walls can change with your business, so you can add and remove offices as your staff comes and goes. As your requirements and preferences evolve, you can change your meeting room configurations by shifting from multiple smaller spaces to one larger space. Movable walls allow you to update your office space without the expense and inconvenience of moving to a new building.



The drywall that makes up traditional walls can leave your office space covered in dust. Movable walls do not create dust, so they will not make a mess in your office the way drywall construction would. Dust can cause health problems or be irritating, so avoiding this problem will keep your employees happier and more comfortable.


Save Money

Demountable walls are less expensive in terms of both materials and labor than building traditional walls. Installing movable walls requires minimal work, so you will not need to hire or pay specialized contractors outside of Collaborative Office Interiors. Since movable walls do not leave dust or mess, you can also avoid paying for cleanup expenses.



Movable walls are environmentally friendly, making them a good choice if you want a specific project or your work overall to meet certain environmental standards. Whether this is important to you because of your company’s mission or simply because of tax credit opportunities, demountable walls can make your office space more sustainable.


Find the Best Demountable Walls in Houston

Movable walls are excellent ways for your business to separate your open office space into multiple private rooms without the expense, hassle, and mess involved in building new traditional walls. Demountable walls are also affordable and sustainable, making them a good option for businesses. If your Houston office is looking to incorporate moveable walls, Collaborative Office Interiors can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Get in touch with Collaborative Office Interiors to schedule a consultation today.

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