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6 Best Options for Modern Office Cubicles in Houston

The privacy and noise reduction afforded by modern office cubicles Houston solutions make cubicles an ideal choice for some office environments. Whether you choose one of these six options or come up with one of your own, the team at Collaborative Office Interiors can help you select a cubicle solution that works for you.

  1. Futuristic

Futuristic cubicles feature non-traditional shapes, such as circular walls, instead of gray or beige cubes, and sleek materials such as acrylics and glass. Our high-end modern office chairs add the perfect finishing touch, while also providing the benefits of comfortable, ergonomically correct seating. This design option is ideal for companies that want to emphasize innovation and creativity. Adding modern low barriers can provide your team with the privacy and noise reduction they need, while still allowing for easy collaboration. This minimalistic style will help you maintain a clutter-free workspace that includes plenty of natural light and ample ventilation.

  1. Space Saving

Small offices pose a particular challenge when it comes to providing employees with privacy and adequate space to work. Our reusable, demountable walls are ideal for small office spaces because they can be set up, torn down, and reconfigured to accommodate changing needs. Enjoy the space-saving benefits of an open office floorplan with the privacy and soundproofing of modern office cubicles Houston by pairing one of our communal tables with partitions or space dividers. This option gives your employees the private workspace they need while also allows for team gatherings. 

  1. Functional

If you need to maximize your usable space, consider a design with built-in storage areas and file cabinets. The focus of these minimalist designs is creating a functional space, but it can still be made to look modern and attractive. Our contemporary laminate desking solutions offer a warm, professional look, while also providing ample storage space. They are suitable for use in private offices or can be converted to cubicles by adding demountable partition walls. Another option is to use filing or storage cabinets as dividers that can serve as collaboration friendly low partitions or be supplemented with additional space dividers for privacy.

  1. Team-Oriented

If your company is organized into separate teams, you can give individuals on the teams their own space, while still keeping the team grouped by collecting cubicles into groups of 6 or 8 cubes. This design is ideal for corporate office space where smaller groups of employees frequently interact with each other. They also benefit from the extra privacy and lower distraction level of being sectioned off from the other teams. This also makes it easier for team leaders to conduct team meetings or work on projects together without disturbing other employees.

  1. people in the conference roomThe Open Cubicle

Open cubicle designs are ideal for environments where employees need some room to spread out. Because they are not enclosed on three sides like a traditional cube, there is more room for larger desks and expanded storage areas. Dividers can be kept low to allow for privacy, while still promoting the feel of an open office environment. These sleek contemporary designs work well for production-focused offices, too.

  1. Traditional

The traditional 4 x 4 cube setup is not as popular as it once was, but has the benefit of offering more privacy and fewer distractions than many other cubicle setups. If you have a traditional corporate office space, this setup may be ideal, particularly if you need to fit a large number of employees into your office space without the noise level becoming unmanageable.

Fortunately, you can still make the traditional cubical style look modern and high-end by replacing the drab, gray walls with modern materials, such as glass partitions. The addition of our modern seating and workstation solutions can give you the functional benefits of a traditional cubicle set up with the design flair of modern office cubicles Houston.

Choosing the right cubicles for your office space can have a dramatic impact on the productivity and morale of your employees. Whether you want to complement your brand with a futuristic, innovative design, or stick to a professional, traditional look, the team at Collaborative Office Interiors can help you plan and implement the perfect cubicle design for your needs. Call us at 713-352-1054 or contact us on the web to request a consultation.


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6 Best Options for Modern Office Cubicles Houston | Collaborative Office Interiors – Houston

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