4 Ways to Create a Millennial Friendly Workplace

They are now the largest living generation in the United States, so Millennials are impacting everything from the way products are marketed to the steps businesses have to take to find and retain top talent. Creating a millennial friendly workplace means the bland, isolating old-school cubicles are not appealing to this demographic in many cases; these active and social digital natives thrive in more collaborative settings, according to Inc magazine.

Since replacing workers, particularly savvy ones, is expensive, retaining your top talent is a must if you want to keep your brand moving forward. According to Recruiting.com, the workspace you offer your employees has as much impact on their job satisfaction and happiness as their actual salary, so designing a comfortable, welcoming and appealing space can help your brand in more ways than one. What does this largest generation of talented, tech-savvy young adults crave when it comes to the workspace? The answers might surprise you.

Here’s How To Design A Millennial Friendly Workplace

The ability to collaborate, to gather as they’d like for conversations and simple companionship is a big deal for this socially connected generation. According to Forbes magazine, Millennials simply can’t resist collaborative workspaces and give priority to brands that offer them. Supplying them with well-designed spaces that support collaboration and technology and using light and seating effectively can help you create a space your Millennial workers will truly enjoy.

Make Collaboration Easy

Technology and software companies attract and keep talented young adults for a variety of reasons, but these brands simply get the importance of a collaborative workspace for their Millennial team members. This demographic simply thrives on collaboration and will flock to the spots in your office that support this interactive, teamwork style of working. Supplying comfortable seating that allows your team to gather in informal groups and move freely about will make your office irresistible to your Millennial workforce.

breakout seating is key in a millennial friendly workplace

Stylish and modern cocoon seating offers privacy when needed.

Incorporate Versatile, Adaptive Pieces

While the collaborative workspace is appealing to your teamwork oriented Millennials, not all phone calls, meetings and work sessions need to be broadcast to everyone. These young workers that shun the modern cubicle and its connotations will cheerfully hop into a cocoon-like space that can provide privacy when needed, but still be accessible and open to others.

Support and Include Technology

Modern office benching is open and inviting to create a millennial friendly workplace

Open workstations that don’t feel isolated are the key to comfort for Millennial workers.

A Millennial friendly workplace is obviously going to be packed with useful apps, tech toys and gadget. Offering and incorporating technology seamlessly into your workplace will help you appeal to and retain this tech-loving group. If you need banks of workstations, they should get the same level of design and appeal as your collaborative work and conference settings.


Keep Things Open and Light

They vary in color, design aesthetic and even the level of technology used but one thing we see again and again in the most effective Millennial offices is a consistent use of light and open space. Allowing traffic to flow freely, providing a consistent and comfortable level of both task and workspace lighting and above all, keeping things open so users can see everyone in the room at work will help you create a comfortable, Millenial friendly workplace that the next generation of talent won’t be able to resist.

The ability to look up and see everyone working in the same place and to move freely about is a big deal for Millennial workers; this open, light-filled space is an ideal setting for gathering and collaboration.

The workforce is changing; as Baby Boomers retire and youthful millennials begin to take over, businesses need to adapt in a variety of ways. Taking the time to create a setting that appeals to Millennials and even Generation Z workers now will pay off in the long run and ensure you keep the talented team you worked so hard to find and hire.

Create Your Own Millennial Friendly Workspace

Want to create an amazing new workplace for workers of all ages? We can help you design a collaborative space with the special touches that employees can’t resist; contact us today to learn how easy it is to upgrade your company’s culture and workspace. We’re here to help you attract and keep the talent you want for your brand.


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