Home Office Design Trends in 2023

In the past couple of years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of workplaces that are going remote – which means that more people than ever before are working from home. And even though using your laptop on the kitchen table might work for the short term, setting up an in-home office is essential for a healthy, productive work life.

Home offices can be uniquely challenging to design, especially because they have to check a lot of important boxes. Ideally, your home office room or space will be well-organized, comfortable, and well-suited to your specific needs. Of course, you aren’t required to have an entire room dedicated to work; even a thoughtfully-designed corner of your living room or bedroom will do.

No matter how you decide to set up a home office, you’ll likely be spending considerable time there. So, why not create a positive atmosphere with a bit of personality? With a combination of practical design, fun touches, and high quality office furniture you can make your home office a space you enjoy.

This handy guide will explore some of the most interesting home office design trends of 2023, giving you a great mix of ideas to inspire your own workspace.

Collaborative Office Interiors Home Office Design Ideas In 2023

New Home Office Décor Trends

Even if you aren’t typically a follower of the latest office design trends, checking in with the latest in the world of design can be a fabulous way to gather inspiration. Here are some of our favorite home office trends to consider incorporating into your work-from-home space.


With its abundance of natural light and open space, eco-style aims to bring the tranquility of the outdoors.

  • A monochromatic color palette that focuses on light colors such as matte white, smoky gray, and beige
  • Heavy use of natural materials, including wooden furniture with a natural finish, as well as some glass (and even modern-esque metal)
  • A generous amount of natural light, supplied by windows that are not covered by heavy blackout curtains or blinds
  • Living plants and other elements that serve as a nod to the outdoors, such as an aquarium or indoor water feature


Minimalism eliminates any possible distractions and keeps the home office as simple as possible, with a decidedly modern aesthetic.

  • Clean lines to minimize any visual clutter, particularly in the form of furniture that has a modern, no-fuss style (no extra ornamentation, solid colors, etc.)
  • Minimum accessories to keep your focus on your work and your mood zen
  • An understated color palette usually made up of white, gray, and black


Scandinavian-inspired home office designs are popular, likely for their impressive balance of comfort and simplicity.

  • Natural materials are used thoughtfully throughout the space, mixed with white furniture and light finishes.
  • Contrasting tones for an interesting but not overdone effect
  • Highly effective storage systems that serve a practical function while also contributing to the overall aesthetic


A classic or traditional home office will always stay in style and can seamlessly fit with the other design elements in your home.

  • A variety of textures that might include natural wood, leather, and stone
  • Plush furniture, such as a comfortable loveseat that is elegant without being stuffy.
  • An expressive color palette, which may feature a broad range of muted tones


For the remote worker passionate about the latest tech, the ultra-modern aesthetic of “techno” style might be the most appealing option.

  • Minimal accessories and clean lines act as the perfect blank canvas for all your favorite gadgets.
  • Contemporary home office furniture allows for ample space for your computer set-up.
  • Modern art – either in neutral shades or vibrant colors – can be a fun way to put your own touch on the space

Home Office Trends – Colors

So, what are the best colors for a home office? Whether it be your walls, or your modern office chairs. Well, there’s not necessarily a wrong answer; however, designers suggest that you choose colors that allow for effective concentration.

For many people, light and neutral shades – such as cream, gray-blue, sage green, sandy brown, or dusty rose – help create a calming atmosphere ideal for focus. Others find that dark, dramatic colors elevate the sense of cozy comfort – think deep, navy blue, eggplant, or dark green.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to weigh your home office color palette options to determine which ones are best for you.

Commercial Office Furniture Options

In every home office, there are two essential elements when it comes to furniture: a desk and a chair. Regardless of your work set-up – a single compact laptop or multiple monitors – you’ll need a sturdy surface and a comfortable place to sit.

Comfort is paramount, not only for your day-to-day quality of life but also for your overall health. An ergonomic office chair can provide ample support, with many options for adjusting seat height, backrest and headrest tilt, and so on. The right desk should allow space for your computer equipment, any necessary document trays, a lamp, a telephone, and even your morning cup of coffee. Consider incorporating an adjustable height desk or workstation to take advantage of the health benefits of increased mobility.

Beyond these two key pieces, many home offices benefit from the addition of shelves or drawers for storage. A few drawers can keep all of your office supplies within easy reach, while a shelf can hold books or even a few mementos. Depending on your needs, you might also opt for a basic filing system to store paperwork.


Natural lighting is typically ideal, but you’ll need added lighting for cloudy days, as well as early mornings or late nights. Task lighting options come in many sizes and styles, many of which include built-in dimmers so that you are able to adjust the brightness according to your personal preference.

Finishes and Materials

In terms of 2023 home office trends, warm wood is definitely having its moment. Wood is being incorporated in a myriad of ways, from home office furniture to floors, shelving, walls, and trim. Wood elements are a wonderful way to add warmth and coziness to the metal finishes that are often used in home office spaces, creating a beautiful balance.

Background for Video Calls

Finally, we’ll close our guide with a trend that is very 2023: setting up a proper background for all those video calls and conferences. Now that many of us are “meeting” through our screens, you’ll want to make sure you take that into consideration while planning your office.

Avoid a furniture arrangement that places a window behind you, as that will over-expose you in any video and make it difficult to get a clear image. If your workspace is part of a larger, multi-functional room, consider soundproof partition walls to maintain your privacy – and keep any daily clutter out of sight and out of mind.

Explore Modern Office Furniture and Design for Your Home

Whether you’re revamping a small corner of your living room or renovating an entire room, you can create a stylish home office where you can truly do your best work. The best home office ideas are those that balance form and function, spaces in which you can feel comfortable, productive, and organized. And of course, finding the perfect furniture is an essential ingredient in planning your ideal home office.

At Collaborative Office Interiors, we know a thing or two about attractive yet practical office furniture – after all, office furniture is all that we do. Unlike big box furniture stores, we have extensive experience in crafting high-quality desks, workstations, seating, and more. The quality of our products is unmatched, and we offer a wide variety of options to make it easy to find the pieces that suit your needs.

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