If you are looking for a way to make your office space more efficient, comfortable, and distinctive, one of these six modern commercial office furniture Houston upgrades could be the perfect solution. The professionals at Collaborate Office Interiors can help you design the ideal office space for your needs.

  1. meeting roomEncourage Collaboration

If your company is a fast-paced environment where collaboration is key to getting the job done, it is vital to create an office layout that supports and encourages teamwork. You don’t want your team to spend time booking a conference room every time they need to have an impromptu meeting or get together on a project. 

Our selection of communal tables and modern bench seating is perfect for a highly collaborative atmosphere. Add some focal conference tables for when smaller groups need to split off from the main team. Consider adding adjustable-height desks to allow your team to move freely and stay energized. Some narrative media tables are great for encouraging discussion and supporting visual projects.

  1. Try an Open Office Concept

The open office concept has been around as long as offices have existed but has gone in and out of style. After the dark ages of grey cubicles, many modern offices returned to the open office concept. Open offices make collaboration easier, promote teamwork and innovation, and can improve employee morale. Our modern benching systems are an elegant and functional way to create an eye-catching, high-end look, while also creating an inviting co-working environment that will help your teams produce at the highest level. 

Our modern commercial office furniture Houston solutions do not just stop at innovative seating. Pair our benching systems with collaborative office desks and our stylish, colorful panels to create a space that uniquely suits your company culture and brand.

  1. Add Modern Amenities

Having your employees walking into an outdated office may discourage employee morale, and won’t impress your clients much either. Employees who feel great about their office environment are much more likely to look forward to going to work every day, and happy employees tend to be more productive.

Modernize your office layout by adding some of our modern office furniture. Our modern desk chairs add a bold and creative image to your space. However, our chairs do not just look pretty. They also feature ergonomic designs that can help keep your team comfortable, healthy, and focused on the task at hand. 

Ergonomic desk chairs help reduce fatigue and eliminate the aches and pains that can come with sitting for long hours. Our chairs feature lots of adjustment options to make them customizable for individual needs.

  1. modern office chairsUpgrade Your Walls

Commercial office furniture gets most of the focus when people are designing an office space, but the walls you choose are also important. Our demountable architectural walls are a great upgrade for companies who need a stylish space that is also flexible to accommodate a changing workforce. Architectural walls are reusable and demountable, which allows you to change the layout of your office space as your needs shift. We offer a variety of styles to accommodate your unique needs. 

In addition to looking great, our walls are noise-reducing, available in transparent styles to allow natural light in your space, easy to install and remove, affordable, and sustainable. The right wall setup can enhance the beauty and functionality of your space while also creating a healthier and more eco-friendly work environment. 

  1. Modernize Your Reception Area

Your reception area is the very first impression clients will have of your company, so it is important to make sure this area makes the statement you want it to make. We can help you design a modern commercial office furniture Houston space that is on-trend and reflects your brand with a layout that is functional, beautiful, and comfortable.

An efficient layout upgrade can increase employee morale, boost productivity, and leave a better impression on your clients. Get started today with Collaborative Office Interiors‘ professional office planning team. Call us at 713-701-5332 or request a consultation online. One of our furniture space planning experts will contact you as soon as possible. 


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