Why is Modular Commercial Office Furniture the Best?

Growing your business means skillfully addressing a variety of client and employee needs that you initially may not have considered: an enhanced break room, additional restrooms, a larger reception area, and a greater focus on employee wellbeing. Thankfully, modular commercial office furniture solutions for workplace design flexibility have never been easier to solve.

We continue to see more and more offices shift towards more flexible work styles. This could be offering atypical working hours to staff, working with freelancers, outsourcing difficult tasks to those with specialized skill sets, or simply an office redesign. One style which is becoming widespread is the modular office.

Modular commercial office furniture allows you to take individual components, such as desks or filing systems, and combine them to create a variety of workstation layouts.

The modular office has pros and cons, but it’s about being able to change with the times and can offer companies a substantial amount of flexibility. Modular commercial office furniture is modern, sleek, and adaptable. It has been tailored and chosen to fit the design of the office space and to fit the needs of specific tasks. Customization is, of course, the number one benefit, meaning that it fits the space precisely. There are, however, a few other benefits of choosing modular commercial office furniture.

modular commercial office furniture

What is a modular office?

Modular office describes an office that can be rearranged and changed at a moment’s notice. There are typically several parts that are interchangeable and add up to a greater whole. For example, you have several workstations that could fit together and create a collaborative working environment, or you could separate them to create a quieter, more private setting. Modular commercial office furniture is flexible, which also makes it cost-effective.

Mobile and Movable

Modular commercial office furniture like desks and chairs are crafted from light materials. Despite that, they are still of high quality. Should you decide to rearrange your office or move locations, you won’t need to buy new furniture pieces every time, and it won’t be a major undertaking to move your furniture either. You won’t need to hire a team to install or rearrange in most cases. This adds up to massively reduced costs, but the portable nature of modular commercial office furniture is the key selling point which many companies find appealing.


The Aesthetic

Appearances are often everything when it comes to giving the first impression to outsiders, particularly if you are welcoming customers and clients into your office on occasion. By having high-quality modular commercial office furniture, you can give the right impression to your visitors. As mentioned, first impressions can mean everything in business. Luxury commercial office furniture doesn’t have to be large and heavy. Having efficient, lightweight modular office furniture will show that your business is confident about what it does and smart about how it does it.

It’s Flexible

Be it office storage or larger desks; modular commercial office furniture is adaptable to your needs. We’ve already mentioned that you can move it much more effortlessly than traditional furniture, but that is only one part of the story. You can update the look of your office with ease.
You can easily change a desk into a collaborative area, you can move a chair to the reception area, and it will not look out of place. Now you’re saving money on future office moves and redecorations. Many offices have swaps and moves seasonally. It stops things from becoming stagnant, and it helps keep minds fresh.

Places Staff Comfort First

Modular commercial office furniture provides your employees with an attractive and comfortable place to work. We can’t emphasize enough how vital that is. A worker who enjoys their surroundings and is comfortable where they work, will always reach their full potential and produce more than one who dislikes the office and isn’t comfortable at their desk and in their chair.

You might have a variety of different working styles in your office, those who like to work quietly, those who are more collaborative and vocal, and those who do both. In that case, investing in modular commercial office furniture can help design and facilitate it all. You can have modern cubicles and booths for quiet areas and tasks, and collaborative areas with large desks and open space, for when brainstorming needs to happen. You can meet the needs of your workers, putting them first.

When outfitting the workstations, don’t overlook individual needs. Ergonomic accessories, like keyboard trays and monitor arms, adapt to various body types and sizes for maximum comfort and productivity.

It Saves Money

All of the above benefits equal cost-effectiveness. Why? Because you won’t have to keep changing and buying office furniture; you won’t need to keep adding to your furniture set; you’ll already have it; you’ll only need to move it around a bit and be creative.

The long-lasting nature and flexibility of modular commercial office furniture mean that businesses can save a large amount of money on office design. Whether it’s executive chairs,  office furniture, or office desks, you can transform the atmosphere of an office without a massive cost attached. The feel of a space can be adjusted to changing working practices. Moreover, you can help workers who need a quiet space allowing them to be comfortable and free to be productive the way they do best. Offices in Houston, TX know this well.

Renting an Office?

It’s hard to pour capital into an office renovation if you don’t own the building. Moreover, landlord expectations can make any structural changes next to impossible. With modular office furniture, you can divide your space into workstations, offices, common areas, and whatever else you need, without making any permanent alterations to the owner’s building. Better still, you can pack up your entire office and take it with you if you move.
Is your organization ready to make the switch into modular office furniture? These benefits show just how positive a change that could be, and despite the initial investment, you will save on costs in terms of office design in the long run.


Written by:

John Ofield

President/CEO at Collaborative Office Interiors

Collaborative Office Interiors is a complete office furniture and systems provider in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio area. COI specializes in providing high quality/low-cost solutions to companies that are moving, upgrading or expanding.

John opened ROSI Office Systems in 1993 and the company today is on Inc. Magazines’ Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018. John specializes in new office furniture, space planning, new workstations, Work Fit products, remanufactured Haworth cubicles, asset management, furniture liquidation, and office furniture rentals. 

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