Which Kind Of Cubicles Work Best To Prevent Covid-19?

Did you know that your office furniture and layout can affect the health of your employees? When it comes to outfitting your office with new furniture, it is important to consider both the materials you’re using as well as the layout of the pieces. By choosing wisely, your desking or cubicles can actually help prevent the spread of illnesses like Covid-19.

Why Choose Cubicles?

Forget about the image you have of cubicles from the 1980s – they have had a major “glow up” in the past 15-20 years. Modern office cubicles are stylish and functional, and make a perfect choice for offices wishing to reduce germ spread. Because they separate workspaces, they are ideal for meeting the CDC’s distancing requirements as we navigate the new pandemic work environment. Choose a minimum of 48″ panel height and hard, wipeable surfaces for the best protection against germ spread. Because manufacturers now offer a large selection of styles, surfaces, and heights, you can customize the exact work station cubicle to meet your needs.

Can I Retro-Fit Existing Cubicles To Help Prevent Covid-19?

If you have a configurable cubicle system, like the Evolve, one of the benefits is that you can change the panels within the frame anytime. The best materials for cubicles to help prevent Covid-19 are laminate, acrylic, glass and writable surfaces. These hard, non porous surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect. Evolve has a wide variety of options for surface finishes which match any office style.

Even if you don’t have the Evolve, specifically, you may be able to retro-fit your existing cubicles. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your cubicle system to see if this is an option for you. If you purchased through us, we can help you determine your options for a retro-fit solution.

What If I Can’t Invest In New Cubicles?

We understand that completely overhauling your office furniture may not be an option, however there are more budget-friendly solutions to help keep your office safe. You can install counter shields or barriers in areas with higher risk like reception, check/out or collaborative desk spaces. Plus, there are other types of movable floor partitions that create more private spaces on demand. Frosted acrylic panels (with wheels!) are easily disinfected between uses while allowing soft diffused light to pass through. Conveniently store against a wall when not in use.

For even more peace of mind, consider hiring a local electrostatic disinfecting service to come regularly. The fine mist consistently and evenly disinfects hard to reach places and surfaces better than traditional wiping methods. Especially if you are unable to replace some of the soft surfaces in your office – this service is the best option for office disinfecting.

Collaborative is well versed in all types of cubicles and partitions, and has the expertise to assist you in choosing something functional for your space. Our in-house designers help you navigate the best way to adhere to distancing guidelines and recommendations with your office furniture. Whether it’s a new application or a retro-fit, we do it all! For more information about cubicles to help prevent Covid-19, contact us today.

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