Over the past year and change, we have had a chance to explore what work-life looks like outside the office. Many people who had been wishing for the opportunity to work remotely finally got the chance – however abrupt it might have been. What did we learn about the role of the office during this time? There are certainly some limitations to what can be done remotely. How will the post Covid-19 office address these limitations while maintaining a safe work environment?

The Post Covid-19 Office Will Be A Hybrid Model

Everything we’ve seen points to the likelihood that many people will still be working remotely, at least part-time. In many cases, it will come down to employee preference. Some people thrive at home, whereas others really enjoy the office environment. Companies were forced to adapt to a remote workforce quickly, which may have resulted in some less than ideal home office setups. We will see continued improvements in remote work-related technology and procedures over time that facilitate better work-from-home productivity. 

Office Furniture That Promotes Health and Wellness

When people are required to go to the office, the focus will remain on reducing the spread of illness. High-walled cubicles make a great choice for keeping some separation. With modern styling and easy-to-clean options (like acrylic), these are not the cubicles of decades past. Customize the finishes, height, and arrangements to suit your needs. In addition, we expect that movable partitions and desk/counter shields will be around for the foreseeable future, noting that illnesses like the flu seemed to be affected by these measures as well. In order to keep up with sanitation measures, some businesses may opt for a free-range workspace approach with no assigned desks. People can come into the office and choose a place to work, and everything gets cleaned at the end of the day.

Collaborative and Flexible Spaces

The post Covid-19 office acts like a hub for creative energy and sharing ideas. We will see the use of flexible spaces – designed for easy collaboration- take over the need for a lot of privacy. Tasks that require concentration may be more likely to be done at home, remotely. When people gather in the office, it will be to engage with each other. Casual, lounge-style furniture with durable, wipeable surfaces lays the foundation for these flexible spaces. Some companies are even creating outdoor meeting spaces. This encourages even safer interactions with the added health-promoting bonus of fresh air and sunshine.

Collaborative Office has been helping offices open safely for the past year with smart furniture choices and layouts. Our vendors have been quickly introducing products that help businesses navigate this difficult time. If you’re welcoming your staff back, even on a part-time basis, chances are you could benefit from some changes. Book a free consultation with us, and we can discuss your current space and how to make improvements. No project is too small – we work within your budget. Together, we will create a safe and welcoming space for your team.


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