The needs of many businesses have changed over the past few decades. Most companies used to impose a strict hierarchy, many now operate according to a more collaborative model, and teleconferencing is increasingly the norm. As business needs change, office furniture in Houston has evolved for the conference room, too. Nevertheless, it is still a recognizable feature of many businesses and is likely still where you and your team discuss your biggest decisions.

Because of rapidly changing business needs, you may not be sure which furniture your Houston office needs for the conference room. A few pieces are still considered essentials, and here is a brief overview.

1. Chairs: Most Essential Office Furniture Houston

While more companies are trying to incorporate occasional changes of position for better health, participants typically spend most of the time sitting during most meetings. Therefore, chairs are perhaps the most essential of all office furniture in Houston for the conference room.

The two main considerations when choosing office chairs are mobility and ergonomics. Your chairs don’t need to have the ability to roll, but the wheels or casters should be appropriate for the surface if they do. Ergonomic chairs are designed specifically for comfort, and when your team members are comfortable, it helps them focus and be more productive.

Conference Room Furniture 2. Table: Most Iconic Furniture for a Houston Office Conference Room

The conference table is one of the most iconic office furniture pieces and still one of the most essential. The following are some of the considerations you need to make when choosing a table for your conference room.


The size of your conference table should be proportionate to the size of the room, meaning a large table for a large room and a small table for a small room. It is not only the total area of the room that you have to consider but also the clearance, meaning space between the table and any obstructions in the room, such as walls, doors, pillars, and fixed furniture pieces. Bear in mind that the clearance has to be sufficient to get the table into the room and put chairs around it so people can sit comfortably.


The shape of a table contributes to its esthetics and its seating capacity. For example, a racetrack table, i.e., rectangular with rounded ends, offers a more graceful look but loses seating capacity at the ends. Circular tables put everyone on an equal footing but use the space inefficiently. Square tables typically have a lot of unusable space in the middle. Two of the most popular shapes for conference tables are rectangular and boat-shaped. Tables that are more conducive to videoconferencing, such as V-shaped tables, are becoming more popular as teleconferencing becomes more standard.


Modular conference tables are those that come in several different pieces that can be rearranged in various configurations. These are useful for a conference room that is “multipurpose,” e.g., it accommodates both in-person meetings and teleconferencing.

3. Audio-Visual Display: Most Contemporary Office Furniture Piece

Audio-visual equipment is essential for any room in which teleconferencing takes place. Even if you only have face-to-face meetings, visual presentations may be projected, televised, or streamed, so you still need the capability. Everyone needs to see the equipment, which means a conference room needs some display, whether this is a cart, cabinet, or free-standing wall on which to mount a monitor.

Conference Room Furniture 4. Presentation Board: Most Fundamental Accessory

While many of your presentations may go on your audio-visual display, you may still need a low-tech presentation board, such as a tack board or a whiteboard. For example, you may need these for display and presentation purposes when using your audio-visual equipment for teleconferencing.

5. Podium: Most Organizational Accessory

Your need for a podium may depend on how you run your meetings. If you frequently have speakers, a podium can organize their presentations. Many lecterns can be stacked or mounted on the table when needed and removed when not in use. Floor podiums are free-standing and sometimes have wheels for the same purpose.

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