How Are Companies Dealing With Work From Home Office Furniture Needs

More and more companies are deciding to operate remotely indefinitely, and with that comes the need to set up functional home offices. We already know that the office environment plays a direct role in productivity. When choosing home office furniture, the goal is to achieve a set up that is small, functional, and allows employees to feel engaged in work.

What Are The Benefits Of A Well-Outfitted Home Office?

A good number of people already have a home office space, but working at home occasionally is very different than working from home full time. For example, a kitchen chair pulled up to a desk or table won’t be a good long term solution. In some cases, a laptop on the couch might be the extent of your existing “home office” set up. However, lounging on a couch or bed for work 8+ hours a day can lead to serious musculoskeletal issues. Transitioning to full time remote work means that you’ll need to duplicate the office environment at home. This helps with focus and productivity and encourages employees to separate work life from home life. A functional home office is essential for anyone working from home right now.

Ergonomics Matter

For companies that prioritize employee health, be sure to consider ergonomic work from home office furniture. Just like in the office, employees need to have appropriate height worktables and chairs, monitors, and keyboard trays. Ideally they would also have the option to sit or stand. Office furniture manufacturers offer many ergonomic pieces that are appropriate for home use. 

Choose A Budget

We know that choosing to outfit your employees’ home office is a major investment. As office furniture professionals, we also know that it is money well spent. In fact, many major companies have opted to fund home office furniture for their staff. When people are comfortable at work, they are more productive and healthy – which ultimately benefits both employers and employees. Collaborative offers furniture at variable price points, so there will be options for nearly any budget. We are here to help you get your employees up and running at home at the best value.

Collaborative Office’s Curated Collections

Choosing home office furniture can be unfamiliar, and you may not know where to start or what you need. Fortunately, we have a solution. Collaborative is currently curating collections for companies with remote workers. Here’s how it works: together, we discuss your employees’ needs and come up with a complete list of items that are approved for purchase. You’ll distribute the list to your remote team, then each person calls in to place their order. Limited choices keep the decisions easy (and within your budget), and your employees are able to get exactly what they need for their home office. 

Do you have any questions about this unique service? Consultations are always free. Contact us today to see how you can curate a collection that works for your employees and your budget.


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