Does My Business Need To Buy Contract Furniture?

What is contract furniture?

Contract furniture, commercial furniture, and office furniture are all terms for the furniture used in commercial settings. It could be the sofas, chairs, and tables in a hotel lobby or the chair, desk, and shelves in an office, or the rows of seating at an airport. What ultimately sets it apart from retail furniture, however, is the quality standards.

Contract furniture is manufactured to meet the demands of commercial use. Hotel lobbies see considerably more traffic than the average living room, and office furniture must withstand the usage and habits of many different people, some of which don’t take as much care with furniture as the next person. Beyond durability standards, are also fire safety standards, and ergonomic considerations that further separate contract furniture from residential retail furniture.

So, if contract furniture is held to such high standards, why am I telling you that you don’t need it.

Because the term “contract furniture” has a broader meaning.

Contract furniture also describes furniture sold almost exclusively to “aligned” dealers. These dealers, aligned with specific manufacturers, are required to sell set amounts from that manufacturer.

You don’t need to be confined by their contract with the manufacturer because you have the option of “contract lite.”

What’s the difference?

Because aligned dealers are required to sell set amounts of a given manufacturer, the products recommended may not be your perfect solution, and without compromising, your project may not qualify.

These dealers have an arrangement with the manufacturer that they will sell a minimum amount from their product line, and in return, that manufacturer will not offer those products to a competing dealer. You can expect aligned dealers to hard sell you on the brands they are required to sell instead of providing a solution they may be a better fit for your office, your vision, or your budget.

modern conference table with chrome legs and black chairsA contract lite dealer like Collaborative Office Interiors, (that’s us) has furniture “partners” and have access to some of the top furniture makers in the industry without the limitations of aligned dealers.

You really like the Accord chair, but in the vision you have for your office, you see them sitting around the Apollo Collaborative conference table, and you’re really feeling the Jeo Modern collection for your lounge. Great! Let’s get it done! We can mix and match all you desire.

A wide array of furniture makers equals a wide variety of styles, and just as important, a wide range of prices. We all have budgets and having options will make it easier to stick to yours while having a look your employees love, and that sets you apart.

Does contract lite have top quality brands and service?

The furniture brands available with contract lite are top-rated makers in the industry for design and function, quality, and ingenuity.

Just to name a few.

And, unlike contract furniture manufacturers, they offer flexibility of choice and prices that are often 20% less.

Expert space planning and interior design

office space plansDesigning an office space can be overwhelming when you must consider current and future plans, employee turnover, employee efficiency and functions, obstacles and more. Collaborative Office Interiors can do all of this for you and have the results rendered in 2D and 3D; then our interior designers will help you choose the look that will help define your office culture and help you obtain and retain top talent. The options available with contract lite furniture will make this process significantly easier.

Our commercial interior designers stay on top of current design trends by participating in organizations like IIDA, ASID, CREW, NEWH, IFMA, and AIA. We understand that collaboration is key.

Our designers are all registered in the State of Texas and have experience in both the residential and commercial sectors including corporate, industrial, retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, historic preservation, multi-family, and recreation/leisure.

Office space planning comes with various challenges. Our design team can provide a complete menu of services whether you are expanding into a new space or modifying your current office space.

Professional furniture installation

Having the furniture properly installed is as essential as having the proper design. Current furniture can be rearranged to increase efficiency and productivity, and old furniture can be removed leaving you with fewer details to worry over.

Is there a minimum spend?

Contract Lite furniture does not have a minimum spend requirement in order for you to enjoy the same services as someone spending millions. And, while we are on the topic, leasing and rental programs are also available.

Renting or leasing can help free up immediate capital and credit lines giving you financial versatility.

Ideal candidates for renting or leasing could be:

  • New startups
  • New branches
  • Office relocations
  • Sudden expansions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Construction trailers

With flexible short/long term options, renting or leasing grants you the ability to add or remove furniture as your needs change.

Financing is also available if renting or leasing doesn’t match your plans, but capital is still tied up, and you need furniture now. Don’t hold your business back; we can get you a yes or no within one business day.

What about repairs and warranty replacements?

Instead of merely handing you off to the manufacturer when you have an issue, repairs and replacements are handled directly through us. We take personal responsibility to ensure you’ll receive the highest level of service. We’ve made this easier on ourselves by refusing to work with any brands that do not back up their products with excellent warranties and service support.

For those that skip to the end.

Contract lite furniture gives you options and flexibility on top of the quality and standards of contract furniture. The only thing you lose choosing contract lite over standard contract furniture are the limitations imposed on the aligned dealer and therefore, by extension, on you.

Not being limited to a single office furniture maker means flexibility in how you use your office space, how you design your look, and your budget.  while receiving the same services and warranties as you would from a contract furniture dealer



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