Office Reception Desks Matter To Your Business

Office reception desks are, arguably, the most critical aspect of your entire office. The reception area is your first point of connection, after all. Your reception desk should be able to accommodate everything that needs to be done in those crucial first moments when a customer, client or colleague walk through your front doors.

The ideal office reception desk

Having the right office reception desk can not only support the image you are trying to project, but it can also help the person behind it do their job more efficiently. View our custom reception desks.

You want your office visitors’ first impression to be, well, impressionable. Efficient, professional, organized, and comfortable are just a few of the things that come to mind.

modern reception deskYou also want your office reception desk to be discreet, so that front office employees can do their jobs easily and capably without disturbing people who are waiting in the reception area. To this end, privacy screens are helpful. They dampen the sound of ringing telephones and isolate the desk area to minimize the noise of conversations as well as incoming and outgoing calls.

Other questions you might want to answer before choosing an office reception desk include:

  • Do you need accommodation for more than one person?
  • Will the desk need to house specific hardware?
  • Do you want your computer screens to be visible or invisible?
  • Do you require wheelchair accessibility on the customer-facing side?
  • Do you require a sign-in area?
  • Do you need storage for files, office supplies, paperwork or equipment?
  • Does your office reception desk need to be secure and sealed off from the visitor area?
  • How will your staff access the desk? Will it require a gate or a flap?

And then there is the question of style. How do your reception area furniture and décor blend with your office reception desk? Set up a free consultation with one of our office interior designers today and discover what’s possible!

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