Covenant Case Study

The customer was looking to reinvigorate their office as they expanded to another floor and were looking to develop a more open and engaging office environment. After some conversations we introduced them to movable glass walls, which allowed them to open the space and expand their conference area. In addition, soft seating around the perimeter of the room was installed for casual seating options. This created a board room space that could hold 3x the number of people from their former space and allowed the entire office to brighten by opening a entire bank of windows to the interior of the office . They replicated the movable walls across the hallway to create a guest area for remote employees who visited and provided them with a wonderful private work space with plenty of light and all the necessary tools to work.

In the new area downstairs they were able to divide the accounting department from the customer service team by dividing a large open area with the movable walls, providing a noise barrier and divisional privacy without blocking a marvelous view and keeping the office very bright and open.

Products used:

River Guest And Reception Seating by Global Furniture Group

Momentum Movable Walls featuring sliding doors and glass partitions.

Zira Conference furniture by Global Furniture Group

Princeton Desking by Global Furniture Group


Oil and Gas Flow Testing




Houston, Texas


(21) workstations, (5) Private Offices, (2) Large Conference Rooms with Media Integration, Break room/Café, Multiple formal and casual collaboration areas,

Approx. sq. ft.

8,000 sq ft

Accommodates # of employees


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