What Is Open Concept Office Furniture?

If you have an open concept office, specialized open concept office furniture is a must. Modern office design prioritizes productivity and collaboration, and this is where the open office really shines.

Open office pros and cons

Of course, your open office design and the furniture you choose plays a major role in supporting teamwork and productivity.

Depending on the industry you are in, your company’s profitability may depend on close interaction within your teams, but there are bound to be times when some privacy and autonomy are important as well. This is where choosing the right open concept office furniture comes into play, as your decisions can significantly impact your company’s bottom line.

The case for open offices

On the plus side, the open concept office is transparent, giving you and your employees a sense of being a part of the bigger picture. It encourages discussion and collaboration on important projects and provides a comfortable, airy feel to an otherwise empty and imposing space. Natural light and good airflow contribute to employee wellbeing and happiness and may even help you keep top talent in their positions longer.

The argument against open offices – and how the right open office furniture can help

On the negative side, open offices can encourage distraction and prevent employees from getting their work done within an adequate timeframe. If your teams do not rely on bouncing ideas off one another to get the job done, an open concept office may be having a negative impact on productivity.

In this situation, the right open concept office furniture can help to provide comfort and some degree of privacy as well. For instance, Cocoon provides a quiet, private space for solo work or an ad hoc huddle room, while River Collaborative Seating offers the perfect escape from the hubbub of the open office without actually leaving the room.

If you are struggling to make your open concept office space work for you, we can help. Reach out today to schedule your free consultation.

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