• By following best practices, employers can keep their employees and communities safe without sacrificing productivity. Screens can be mounted from underneath or on the table top, a half inch of clearance so you can still exchange papers and cards.
  • Accelerate is a solid design with a unique textile composite flooring texture. It offers a very clean appearance and can be used to create a variety of flooring designs. Accelerate flooring coordinates effortlessly, enabling you to blend a range of designs with simple tone that reflects the demands of each unique space.
  • This stunner deserves a spot front and center in your office design. With detailed polished aluminum arms and tilt-tension adjustment, plus multiple position tilt-lock control, it's an office chair that is not only beautiful but functional, as well.

  • ACTIV starts with the base and lets you build your sit-stand height-adjustable table desk in a multitude of configurations with a variety of options.

  • Straightforward design that accentuates the modern office while providing functional aesthetics.

  • Fluidity. Flexibility. Elegance. A collection designed for the changing needs of today’s meeting spaces.

  • Dynamic visual spaces that produce an improved soundscape are achieved by using Airbloom. Suspended tiles or shapes are often quite visually appealing as they have usually been designed by industry specialists with an eye for detail with an understanding of how this type of solution will be used. Modules are assembled in patterns using plastic clips and are fixed to an aluminum rail for installation on the ceiling or on the wall. Airbloom is available in 30 standard quick-ship colors.
    Design Tip: Combine beauty with practicality by using your art budget for decorative acoustic panels on your next project.
  • Abstracta’s Aircone is a sound absorbing module with a simple triangular design that is angled and tapered to permit sound diffusion. Component modules are made from molded polyester felt fiber and are available in 30 colorways. Half modules are also available to create straight edges in a design.  In open office planning, felt tiles and wall panels create inspiring environments while reducing the noise. Aircone modules are assembled into patterns using small plastic clips and can be hung from the ceiling or against the wall on an aluminum rail.
    Design Tip: Combine beauty with practicality by using your art budget for decorative acoustic panels on your next project.
  • Made from molded polyester felt fiber, one can form this into a variety of combinations for dividing space and helping control sound.  One can choose from open or closed hexagonal shapes assembled together using small plastic clips. The three rail lengths available are 59", 78.75" or 188" that can be joined or cut on site. Curved rails are also available in 29.5", 59" or 78.75" radius. Abstracta’s Airflake is designed to provide visual separation and sound absorption.
    Design Tip: Combine beauty with practicality by using your art budget for decorative acoustic panels on your next project.
  • Abstracta’s Airleaf is designed to gently separate space while building a pleasant soundscape. Leaf-shaped sound absorbent molded felt modules can be combined in a variety of patterns to bring nature into interior spaces.  Divide spaces with airy acoustic felt, molded into a leaf shape.
    Design Tip: Combine beauty with practicality by using your art budget for decorative acoustic panels on your next project.
  • Alero's fully upholstered or breathable mesh back and visually sculptured lumbar adjustment create the perfect blend of comfort and design. All chairs feature an adjustable lumbar support that allows the user to customize the comfort of the back. Choose a sophisticated Multi-Tilter for computer-intensive activities or a tilter chair for casual offices or meeting rooms.

  • Superbly engineered and with a robust, assured design, Apollo is a contemporary meeting and conference table range.

  • Aspen's unique form-fitting back profile is the result of years of extensive design and testing to determine the optimum support for the widest possible range of users and body types.

  • ATOM is a single unifying family of products comprised of seating, tables and desks. Developed to bring harmony to the workplace.

  • Auburn is a comfortable and stylish statement in your executive office suite or boardroom.

  • This durable Bakhita table has a bright and friendly look that's easy to maintain. The perfect place to mingle with coworkers or a close circle of friends.


  • This versatile armchair, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, adds lively panache to any number of settings.


  • Entirely modular, the Bower range of products is designed for ease of assembling on-site in work places. The design of Bower contributes to the acoustic nature of the product with its undulating shapes which catch and absorb unwanted noise. Additional screens can be added to the armchair and meeting lounge, creating high back versions with added privacy. The architecture of the collection’s design also supports visual and acoustical privacy.
    Design Tip: Combine beauty with practicality by using your art budget for decorative acoustic panels on your next project.
  • At its core, Bridges focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and its expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions – it can even be integrated with system furniture.

  • Canvas is expertly crafted by Indiana Furniture--highly functional with clean lines and luxurious finishes.

  • Contemporary solutions for environments that require mobile flexibility, whether used for meeting rooms, guest seating, or multi-purpose rooms. Caprice is an all-purpose, light scale guest chair available with various leg configurations. Molded black armcaps enhance the comfort and durability of the chair. Award winning series designed with a modern, light scale round tube frame.

  • Cega is the ideal product for the modern working environment where personal touchdown spaces and informal meeting areas are the norm. 

  • It's like a welcome hug in the open office. Cocoon is quiet. Cocoon is inviting. Cocoon is a great addition to your modern office.

  • Concise and carefully curated, use Compile to upgrade the collaborative workspace. Each station is 6 feet x 6 feet 3 inches, and can be configured a multitude of ways, with sanitation in mind. Create the space you want without compromising your budget. Effective and flexible, this work space is also offered as an 8 Pack.
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