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Office benching enables your workforce to work collaboratively while delivering high functionality and style on par with Houston’s most progressive offices. In addition, office benching provides a wide range of benefits that you and your employees will love, encouraging them to work closely on those important projects that are going to put your business at the top. Another benefit that will help a company’s bottom line is the small space requirement. In Houston’s competitive business environment and expensive leasing and rental space, open office benching requires less space for more people with the added benefit of no barriers for natural light.

The ability to collaborate and share ideas is the foundation of ongoing progress and innovation. Office benching desks support this ideal, with the ability to accommodate several team members working closely together while still having a dedicated space. Office benching is also perfect for coworking spaces, a modern office concept that is fast becoming a staple of flexible office spaces everywhere.

office benching desks or table desksCOI provides a range of possibilities in office benching, combining functional work surfaces with storage and cable management options. Office benching systems are highly configurable, allowing you to continue your modern office design aesthetic throughout your workspaces. Your workforce will love the wide range of colors and finishes and will be ready to put in all the overtime you need, simply because their comfort and sense of space have been satisfied.

For the hybrid office, the ability to maximize space is essential. Office benching helps you to function even in the most challenging of spaces, offering a wide range of design possibilities that focuses on comfort, even in high-density ecosystems.

Ready to rethink your office design? Our quality office benching leverages brands that include:

  • Synapse
  • TeamWorx
  • ICON
  • Sidebar
  • Bridges
  • Edge

We exist to support open-minded and future looking leaders with the workspace environment they need at a price that makes sense so that they can create the office space they need to bring their growing business to the next level. Whether it’s office furniture for 100 or 1,0000, we are engaged in your success. Try our budget calculator for a quick cost estimate of your project. Call us, 713-489-8128, or  contact us online today to get started.

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