Collaborative Office Furniture Solutions

Collaborative tools in the modern office are essential. They give your teams a foundation from which to innovate – and that innovation is what’s going to take you to new heights.

Comfort, versatility, and design

Collaborative furniture solutions are a critical tool in that arsenal as they support your teams with comfort and versatility, combining design, technology, and ergonomics to create an environment that encourages active collaboration.

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When we think about collaboration, most people have visions of working side-by-side with others towards a shared goal. While that’s certainly part of it, collaboration today is about more than just working together. Collaboration is a 360˚ effort that brings people, space, technology, and information together into one place. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how important it is to have the right collaborative furniture solutions to support that ideal.

First, collaborative furniture solutions address the need for focus. Configurable desk groupings and benching systems support an active team with barrier-free workstations, providing storage for everything they need within arm’s reach. Collaborative seating allows you to create huddle space within your busy office, with comfortable, high-backed chairs that optionally offer USB and power outlets.

Even if you are working with an open office design, creating a collaborative space is easy. Cocoon, for instance, allows you to create collaborative space within your active office. It provides an oasis away from the hubbub, giving your teams the space and the separation they need to brainstorm your next big idea.

Your meeting rooms are important collaborative spaces as well. Meeting room furniture like Pegasus and Edge Tables answer both form and function with contemporary styling and practical features like tabletop power and cable management accommodations.




You’ll meet with your dedicated COI project manager who will be with you throughout your project so they may learn everything about your expectations, vision, space and how your employees work. Our mission is to help you find beneficial productivity and office space furniture solutions.


We will share ideas, make recommendations, and create a furniture selection that checks all your boxes. Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of furniture expertly matched to your specific requirements with fabrics, finishes and styles laid out.


Our certified interior design staff creates office furniture space plans and designs to compliment your vision. They’ve also been known to surprise and delight customers with time-saving and space-saving ideas that make a real impact in their office everyday.


We’ll provide complete installation services for all your office furniture deliveries related to your project—not just ours. We use quality-control checkpoints, plus after-hours installation is available so your employees are not disturbed.

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