Standing Desks For Your Sugarland, TX Office

Standing Desks create a flexible work environment for your Sugarland, TX employees and have become an effective way to attract and retain top office talent. According to Outside Magazine standing desks encourage a healthy work environment, reducing fatigue and promoting better posture and whole-body strength, “being on your feet for about half of your work day (four hours, to be exact) may be the magic number.”

There are several types of standing desks to consider:

The height adjustable sit-stand desktop is ready to use right out of the box. It rests on top of your existing desk and holds a keyboard, mouse and other small items. The desktop quickly and easily adjusts from flat on your desktop to raised to standing height. It’s an easy way to introduce standing desks to your business without the commitment to an integrated height adjustable desk. Sit-stand desktops give you and your employees a convenient alternative at a really inexpensive price.

In many Sugarland, Texas offices standing height tables are fast becoming the preferred way to meet and collaborate as they provide your team with the ability to either stand or use an optional stool during meetings or projects.

standing desks and meeting tablesSome benefits of standing meetings include:

  • Standing meetings may be up to 33% shorter than sitting meetings
  • More likely to end on time or early
  • The quick nature of the standing meeting leads to decreased tardiness
  • Improves Health

Height-adjustable desks are on point if you want to incorporate standing options into your office furniture and office space design. Many furniture designers offer a height-adjustable option such as Global Sidebar, AMQ Kinex, and Hover by Deskmakers. If height-adjustability is also on the executive’s wishlist, standing desks can be easily incorporated with designs by Indiana Furniture.

Modern Sit and Stand DeskErgonomic comfort, flexibility, and functionality are at the core of why standing desks have become so popular. In addition, there are many proven health benefits as well. Studies have shown that standing desks reduce the many health risks associated with staying seated. This benefit can reduce costs to your company insurance program and lower sick days.

COI clearly understands the workspace you are trying to create and helps bring your company’s vision to life. We will help you create a well-designed workspace that fosters collaboration, supports technology, and leads to optimal employee output that ultimately helps your company grow. To see these standing desks and more options, plan on visiting our showroom at 8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77046.

Sit Stand Desktop or Desk, What is the Difference?

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