Open Plan Office Partitions For Your Houston Business

Today’s open office floor plans are designed to promote collaboration among teams, but there are always some activities that require a modicum of privacy and a separation from the rest of your coworkers. Open office plan partitions are a way to create an oasis of calm in the midst of activity, giving employees the best of both worlds and helping them accomplish more with an eye to stylish interior design flair.

Sometimes, you just need to get a little peace and quiet while you collect your thoughts before a big presentation. Other times, you need a huddle space to brainstorm with your closest colleagues, a space that keeps your conversation private without forcing you out of the office completely. No matter what drives your need to escape, open plan office partitions are the perfect way to get things done.

Mango personal workspace

Mango personal workspace

With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to complement your modern office décor. Options include privacy screens—these are definitely not your mother’s cubicle partitions—that add a splash of vibrant color or bring Mondrian-style patterns to divide an open space with design flair. MIX privacy screens provide superior sound absorption and can be hung on a wall, from the ceiling, or up-mounted for flexible placement anywhere on the office floor.

Cega Modern Acoustic Seating offers booth-like personal spaces, perfect for making those important phone calls. Their small footprint makes them perfect for smaller office spaces and their design is perfectly engineered to provide ample light while reducing external distraction.

Cocoon is tailor-made for huddle spaces, small meetings or collaborative tasks. Their comfortable high-backed sofa-style seating can accommodate three people in comfort. For coworking environments or anytime a little more privacy is needed, Mango leverages advanced ergonomic seating with a dedicated power supply and high-upholstered screen back for complete privacy.

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