Open Plan Furniture For Your Houston Office

Open plan furniture is essential to today’s open-concept Houston office. Your choice of office desks, benching, seating, and reception furniture is all key to making an open plan work for you.

Open plan offices have been driving innovation and productivity since the invention of the office itself, although the reasons for implementing an open plan is far different than it was 2000 years ago. In vast Roman halls, scribes would toil over treaties and edicts and it was here that we would first see evidence of what we have come to know as the modern office.

Under the watchful eye of management

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the open plan office was a way for management to keep tabs on their staff and to make sure productivity was maintained. But as time passed, the open plan office fell out in favor of the cubicle – those drab barriers that created a maze of walls between workers who were more like bees in a hive than individuals.

ATOM Breakout Collaboration Furniture Collection

ATOM Breakout Collaboration Furniture Collection

Today, collaboration fuels a sense of shared mission

Scientific studies into productivity at work began to favor a collaborative environment over the separatist cubicle sensibility, and so, the open office began making its way back into work culture. Collaboration, studies say, fuel innovation, foster the idea of a shared mission, and strengthen company culture – sentiments that many of the world’s most successful companies share.

Today’s open plan furniture

Today, open plan offices leverage the flexibility and modern appeal of open plan furniture to encourage community, connection, and teamwork. Modern benching and desk systems can be configured to your needs and will provide your teams with a solid foundation from which to take your company to the next level of awesome.

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