Open plan desks

Open plan desks are the heartbeat of the open plan office. While some may think that an open office can be furnished with traditional office furniture, designing an effective and functional open plan office requires a little more insight into how people work together, how they collaborate, how they innovate.

A more traditional desk setup is too cumbersome in the open plan office. You would essentially have to push two or more desks together to make up a collaborative environment, making very poor use of a floor plan. In so doing, you would not be providing your teams with what they need to work efficiently and comfortably and may risk losing your most valuable players because of it.

Open plan desks reduce employee attrition

Studies show that employees tend to stay where they feel most comfortable. While this is a complex equation, the idea of staying where you feel at home—where you feel valued—this is the heart of the matter.

When companies choose an open plan, they are choosing transparency. An employee’s comfort zone is strengthened when they know that company leadership is sharing the same space with them – that the entire organization is focused on achieving the same goal.

With open plan desks flexible design and grouping possibilities, plenty of discreet space to store the necessities, and accommodation for today’s technology, an open plan desk is the staging area for bringing great ideas to life.

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Open Plan Desks

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