Open Floor Plan Furniture

Choosing open floor plan furniture for your office is easy when you have so many sophisticated and tasteful designs to choose from. From modern desking systems to benches, adjustable-height desks and workstations, open plan furniture supports a collaborative office environment in comfort and style.

modern open floor plan furnitureFor teams, open floor plan furniture is a must. It brings groups together while still providing as much privacy and separation as they need to get their work done. When a joint effort is required, a connection is within arms’ reach, as are ample storage areas for files and supplies and places to discreetly run your electronic wiring. After all, making it look easy is what you do – why not extend this philosophy to your office furniture too?

Open floor plan furniture is completely customizable to your needs

With the changing needs of today’s business, it’s not practical to be locked into a specific desk configuration. Agility is critical, and with a flexible, customizable open floor plan furniture configuration, you can truly have it all.

Is your company growing? We’ve got solutions!

You could choose to buy all new workstations, or you could simply add modules to your desk and benching system. The Princeton Freestanding Modular Laminate Desking system is a flexible solution you will love. This line features more than 1,000 different components including various storage types, floating pieces, panels, and so much more, allowing you to design your open office space in the way that suits you best.

If your open office requires benching systems that can be blended with your existing system furniture, a Sidebar Modern Benching and Desking system might be right for you. With many multi-functional components to choose from, your shared office space will be a pleasure to work in.

Need inspiration? Call COI today to set up a free consultation with one of our office interior design specialists. For companies on the way up, we are the smart choice in open-plan office furniture.

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