Open Concept Office Desks

Open concept office desks are made especially for today’s flexible workspaces. Through the decades, modern office design concepts have come full-circle – with a twist. Whereas the open-concept offices of the early 20th century were massive fishbowls with workers toiling away, elbow-to-elbow, today’s open-concept office takes into account new research into productivity, collaboration, and creativity, and how office design can support those goals.

Flexibility is the open-concept mantra

As today’s progressive companies embrace scale at a global level, the need for flexibility takes precedence over just about every other consideration. Open-concept office design answers that need, but then the question remains as to how that space can be optimized for best business results.

Open concept office desks keep your employees happy

Open-concept office desks provide a way to maximize available space while promoting the activities that make your company amazing:

  • Sleek, modern design that satisfies aesthetics
  • Ample space to work and house essential technology in a discrete but practical way
  • The ability to work in close proximity to other team members encourages collaboration
  • A degree of privacy to support creativity and concentration
  • Purposeful spaces that facilitate sharing of information
  • Boundaries to define separate teams within the company

An open workplace designA well-designed office can help you attract top talent in your niche, improve the quality of the applicants you get, and it reduces employee attrition over the long-term. With a happy, well-equipped workforce, your company will be well on its way to achieving your goals of scale and industry domination.

Open-concept office desks come in many styles, helping you project a fresh image while tapping into all the benefits they can bring. Whether you have a handful of small teams or a large call center operation, there are many open-concept desk styles to suit your needs and your budget.

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