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These days, collaborative spaces are not just a “nice to have” in the office – they are a must! Collaboration in the workplace is critical to your office efficiency and profitability. Luckily, it’s easy to encourage collaboration with office furniture specially designed for collaborative spaces.
But how important is collaboration, really? In this day and age, we see and hear more about people working from home, working remotely, freelancing, and so on; so, if this is the trend, what does that bode for the future?

The truth is, no matter how near or far afield your teams are, collaboration is a crucial activity that you need to support. For your employees at the home office and for your remote teams, office furniture for collaborative spaces is going to be a driver of productivity and innovation.

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Standing desk and sitting desk

The value of collaboration

A collaborative effort makes smarter use of working hours. Teams solve problems faster, have a more diverse approach to any situation, and break down barriers when it comes to individual challenges. Collaboration helps you reach your goals faster and more efficiently, and that’s value you can send right to the bottom line.

Coworking office space

For instance, let’s consider a coworking space. Coworking, by its very nature, is a collaborative endeavor. Even if people are working on different projects or in disparate disciplines, they are contributing to the collaborative energy in the room – which makes everybody more productive. Office furniture for collaborative spaces supports this environment with options that include everything from executive tables and productivity tables to collaborative conference tables.
For the active office, there’s nothing better than adjustable-height desks to encourage movement. And, for those moments when your teams need to break away for a huddle, a high-backed, comfy collaborative furniture grouping provides the remedy.

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You’ll meet with your dedicated COI project manager who will be with you throughout your project so they may learn everything about your expectations, vision, space and how your employees work. Our mission is to help you find beneficial productivity and office space furniture solutions.


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Our certified interior design staff creates office furniture space plans and designs to compliment your vision. They’ve also been known to surprise and delight customers with time-saving and space-saving ideas that make a real impact in their office everyday.


We’ll provide complete installation services for all your office furniture deliveries related to your project—not just ours. We use quality-control checkpoints, plus after-hours installation is available so your employees are not disturbed.

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