From the reception area to the c-suite, from your meeting rooms to the break room, your office desk chairs tell a story about who you are and what you value. What are your office desk chairs saying about you?

The importance of office desk chairs is sometimes overlooked. In reality, they are one of the most critical components of the work itself. A quality office desk chair helps you do more. It will also help you avoid injury as they are fully adjustable and can help your employees achieve an ergonomic posture as they work. When employees are comfortable, they tend to be more productive. Greater productivity supports innovation, and innovation is what’s going to take you to the top. Can an office chair really do all that? You bet!

It’s all about the back – and the brain!

Thumbnail for the 2018 brochure, with Graphic conference chairs.A good office desk chair not only provides excellent lumbar support, but it positions your arms and legs in such a way that it reduces the burden on your joints. It helps to support you in a more neutral position while you’re working at your desk, meaning there is less strain on your muscles over the course of the day.

Better lumbar and pelvic support promotes better breathing, too, and this is beneficial because the more oxygen that flows to your brain, the more efficiently you will process ideas and the less mentally fatigued you will feel.

Office desk chairs can look great too

With so much science behind office desk chair design, you might think that a great office desk chair would have to look like it belongs in a laboratory, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These days, you don’t have to compromise great design to achieve your ergonomic goals.

Case in point: COI offers the most complete range of office desk chairs available, with all the sizes, colors, styles, and features you need to ensure a healthy, happy, productive and design-savvy office environment. Browse our collection of office desk chairs today or call us directly to speak to an office design specialist. We’d love to show you how we can help.

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