Your office wouldn’t be quite the same if it lacked one basic, essential accouterment – office and desk chairs. While active teams may like to stand and move about, most of the time spent at work is spent seated at a desk, in a chair.

With this in mind, your choice of office and desk chairs is critical. In reality, they aren’t just furniture; they are a vital aspect of office productivity and a tool to support innovation. After all, if your teams are uncomfortable sitting in their desk chairs, it’s unlikely that they will be able to operate at peak performance.

Features to look for in office and desk chairs

office and desk chairsIf you want to maximize productivity in the office, furnish it mindfully and with an eye toward ergonomics and functionality.

Some of the most important features of good office and desk chairs include:

  1. Adjustability. Some chairs are fully adjustable, and some are not. For your visitors, the ability to adjust the height of a chair and the tilt may not be as important, but for your employees, it’s a basic requirement. Look for chairs that have adjustable height and back tilt and be sure that the tilt locks in place for the maximum ergonomic value.
  2. Comfort. Seat cushions should be as comfortable on the back and bottom as they can be. Since the definition of comfort may vary from person to person, having a variety of mesh and cushioned office and desk chairs available is recommended.
  3. Durability. Good-quality office chairs will reward you with years of service, supporting your employees through crunch and growth times, and delivering measurable value as an office asset.
  4. Style. Though office chairs are a necessity, it doesn’t mean that they have to be “officious.” Today’s office and desk chairs can be found in many colors, styles, and fabrics to match your office décor.

Are you looking for a way to improve productivity in your office? A good-quality office chair can help! Reach out today to schedule a consultation with an office interior specialist or browse our extensive selection of office and desk chairs today.

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