Lobby and Reception Office Furniture

The first moment you enter a business, you get an impression of their personality, what they’re like, what they find to be important. Those all-important first moments are what set the stage for all future interactions with that company.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a retail store, a hotel, or an office, the lobby furniture speaks volumes about what comes next.

Modern reception office furniture

The Right Lobby Furniture Makes All the Difference

In one, you have several worn, old chairs and a pile of outdated magazines. The receptionist is plunked into an ugly cubicle in the middle of the room. As you wait, you are privy to every conversation that she has, either with patients or coworkers. The lighting is stark and unflattering. You can’t wait to get your appointment over and done with, and you dread coming back, avoiding it at all costs. Your dental health—which is connected to your overall health—suffers because of this.

In the second office, you enter to soft music and tastefully chosen lobby furniture. Better yet, the couches are chairs are all very comfortable! The room itself is like a living room, inviting and relaxing. The lighting is natural, promoting a sense of calm. The reception desk is a work of art in itself, beautifully and intuitively designed so that business can be done, but front office staff still retain a sense of privacy. It is such a pleasure to come here that you look forward to your office visits – and your smile has never looked brighter.



What Does Your Lobby Furniture Say About Your Company?


When a customer or colleague visits your office, a warm welcome will pave the way to all future interactions. What is your lobby furniture saying to your visitors? If it’s time to rethink your reception, COI can help. Reach out today to learn more about quality, affordable lobby furniture for your company.

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