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Demountable Walls

Demountable Walls

Demountable Walls

<h2 class=”heading-tag la-unit-responsive h1 margin-top-0″>Demountable Wall Systems</h2>

Demountable walls offer an <a href=””>adaptable solution</a> for companies with a fluctuating workforce and office space requirements. In a world of constant churn rate, demountable walls offer dependable flexibility.
<li>Demountable walls come in many laminate and vinyl finishes for a customized look.</li>
<li>Installation flexibility. Walls can be setup on top of carpet and grid so it speeds up construction.</li>
Creating an attractive office setting is no longer cumbersome. Demountable walls provide easier installation and more flexibility than more traditional wall buildouts.

<a href=””>Demountable walls</a> or movable partitions have been around since the 1920’s. But, the dawn of the movable glass <a href=””>partition walls</a> became popular when tech giants Google and Facebook added them into their office designs. Architects and Commercial Designers saw a <a href=””>huge demand</a> and no wonder, these quick-to-install, framed walls have so much going for them.
<li><a href=””>Glass walls</a> provide divisional privacy without blocking views or natural light</li>
<li>Easy to install over flooring</li>
<li>100% is movable and reusable</li>
<li>Environmentally friendly</li>
<li>Noise mitigation comparable to drywall</li>
<li>Less expensive than drywall</li>
<li>Tax savings</li>

Demountable wall system - movable partitions

Check out all of our products by either searching for something specific or using the menu to find what you need.&nbsp; We have hundreds of office interiors to choose from, like <a href=””>River Collaborative Seating</a>, <a href=””>Princeton Freestanding Modular Laminate Desk</a>, and <a href=””>Boardroom Tables</a>.

<h2 class=”heading-tag la-unit-responsive h1 margin-top-0″>Tax Advantages</h2>

Demountable walls are considered tangible personal property so they depreciate seven times more than traditional construction in the first year. By the third year the depreciation reaches the half way mark and by the seventh year as much as 95% is recovered.

While conventional construction has less upfront material and labor costs, it has more down-time as you watch the interest accrue. Meanwhile your build-out of fixed construction depreciates a mere 2.5% per year and in the seventh year…you are still at 18% vs. 95% for a demountable or movable wall system.

Our demountable wall provider, Gravity Lock is a local Houston company that has developed movable wall systems with serious advantages over drywall.

<h2 class=”heading-tag la-unit-responsive h1 margin-top-0″>LEED Contributions</h2>

  • LEED Credit MR 2.1/2.2 – Construction Waste Management
  • LEED Credit MR 4.1/4.2 – Recycled Content
  • LEED Credit MR 5.1 – Manufactured Regionally

  • LEED Credit EQ 4.1/4.2 – Low Emitting Materials

  • LEED Credit EQ 8.1/8.2 – Daylights &amp; Views

<h2 class=”heading-tag la-unit-responsive h1 margin-top-0″>Demountable Wall FAQ’s</h2>

What Are Demountable Walls?2021-02-10T22:50:04-05:00

Demountable walls are walls that can be reconfigured or relocated without the waste associated with fixed construction. In addition, other benefits include LEED Credits, shorter lead-times, friendlier construction schedules, flexibility, and tax incentives.

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What Materials Are Used In Demountable Walls?2021-02-10T22:50:03-05:00
  • Glass walls use aluminum frames with polycarbonate butt-joints.
  • Paneled partitions come in number of different substrates including the most cost-effective,–gypsum. However, unlike traditional gypsum drywall, panels are square so they come together for a nice clean look and can be covered in fabric or vinyl.

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How Do They Compare To Drywall?2021-02-10T22:50:03-05:00
  • Demountable wall systems are more cost-effect (see tax benefits above).
  • They install faster than drywall.
  • They qualify for LEED credits.
  • Panels use 20 to 25 gauge steel frames for more durability.
  • Panels can be removed and reconfigured to fit other areas.
  • Gravity Lock’s paneled wall systems provide the same Sound Transmission Class “STC”  ratings as drywall. 
  • Less mess. Clean-up after installation is minimal.

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How Easy Is It To Move a Demountable Wall?2021-02-10T22:50:03-05:00
  • 100% of wall is reusable. It can be relocated.
  • Glass walls feature the most horizontal adjustability compared to panels.
  • Panels have reveals so they are more flexible vertically with shorteror higher ceilings.
  • Since Gravity Lock is local, any additional panels or frames can be cut quickly at their Houston facility.
  • 100% of wall systems are reusable.

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