• Best of the Best winner at Neocon 2017, Trinetic is the perfect seating solution for flexible, agile work environments where the same chair may be used by multiple people throughout the week.

  • Umbra's 18'' x 36''planks blend colors to create a sleek and alluring complexity that provides the perfect multicolored balance for a variety of spaces. This offering enables you to blend a range of designs with tonal simplicity to create palettes that coordinate effortlessly with each other.
  • Velocity is designed with the same unique textile composite flooring texture as its near solid companion, Accelerate. This modern carpet scheme can be used to create a very streamlined flooring design or can be paired with Accelerate for a more energetic appearance.
  • Whether in a high traffic area or a focal point that needs a dramatic statement, the choices are beautiful and limitless. Well Versed features a universal geometric pattern and multi-hue design.
  • Gorgeous legs meets luxurious tabletop finishes. It makes for a dramatic and harmonious merger.

  • ZILO looks good anywhere! Give your executive office a customized look or finish off the conference room with a stylish look and comfortable seat.

  • Zoa's seductive curves invite you to sit and when you do, you'll see they are not all just for show. The Zoa is as comfortable as it is enticing.

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